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Web Design New York

Web Design New York is on the cutting edge of web design and hosting. The firm also offers many other services designed to guarantee that businesses have a strong presence on the internet and have the ability to attract the right clientele. We are dedicated to developing effective SEO so that sites can be found quickly using the most popular search engines. In addition, our web design company recognizes the need for businesses to have a presence within the world of social media. This need has led the firm to create social media collaboration strategies to provide businesses with an increased visibility throughout the internet. Web Design New York has 12 years of experience in the field and has long been committed to providing customers with the best value as it pertains to the web services that it offers.

Website Design

The manner in which a website page design is created says a great deal about a business. As such, companies must be mindful of the way their site is developed because of the increased use of mobile instruments. In recent years, the advent of mobile devices and the popularity of the internet have changed the way that businesses influence consumers. In today’s environment the initial impression of a company is often seen through the lens of the company’s website. In fact Song & Zahedi (2001) explain that “In the Internet market, websites are the main interface between online merchants and their customers. Effective website design plays a critical role in attracting and maintaining customers’ interest and in influencing their purchase behavior.” We understand that when designing a site, the interest and needs of users are vitally important; as such the company has comprehensive website design strategies created to meet the needs of users.

One of the primary issues the company addresses through website page design is usability. The firm creates websites that are not only inviting but also user friendly. Web Design New York understands that users want to browse a website as quickly and easily as possible. With the user experience in mind, the firm designs websites that are easy to maneuver and quickly show users the products and services the company has to offer.

In order to meet all the needs of its clients, the company has established six design process solutions which will be discussed in the next section:

Website Page Design Process

1. Consulting/ Analysis: During this aspect of the design process our firm provides in depth consultation of both the needs and the aesthetic requirements of the client. When designing a website, Web Design New York understands the importance of conferring with businesses for analysis. During such meetings we attempt to understand all of the needs of the business and the type of website that might satisfy the needs that are being discussed.

Analysis is also done during this first phase of the design process. The design team conducts an organizational analysis and a GUI usability analysis. The business analysis gives our web design company insight into how the business functions and the future goals of the business. The GUI or Graphic User Interface analysis is designed to ensure that the features of the website will work in a way that is consistent with the needs of the business. This particular analysis is important to have at the beginning of the website page design process so that any problems with the design can be rectified and the rest of the design will not be hindered. This test is extremely thorough and it is designed to make sure that the GUI can produce the expected results even if the data changes.

2. Informational Design: This solution involves the processes of Functional requirements analysis, informational architecture design and project documentation. The functional requirements analysis is simply designed to guarantee that the website has all the basic functions that it will need to operate efficiently. The Informational architecture design concerns itself with managing and labeling the web site so that both visibility and usability are supported. Without such careful architecture, the site could be difficult to find and lack user friendliness. The final aspect of this solution is project documentation which is associated with defining how the project will be managed and governed. Project management must be thoughtfully designed with the success of the firm’s website as the foremost concern.

3. Content creation: The third of the six solutions offered by Web Design New York is associated with the actual development of content to be placed in the website page design. This solution concerns itself with several tasks including localization, content writing, digital photography, videography and scanning & uploading illustrations. One of the most attractive aspects of the internet is that it provides websites with a global audience. As such websites must be localized if they are to be effective. Localization involves customizing the site to attract a local audience using the appropriate languages and even cultural nuances. Our web design company offers localization in English and in addition it can be customized to feature any of the most popular European languages. Copywriting is also a factor included in this solution. Content writing is the process of writing text for use on a website. Web Design New York offers content writing expertise in English and the most utilized European lingo. The images on a website are vitally important as they pertain to how the website is perceived. The company ensures that clients have the best digital pictures and videos available so that the products and services offered by the client are visible and clear. For some businesses, providing visitors to the website with illustrations is essential. For instance, an artist or clothes designer may want to have illustrations available for visitors to their website. For this reason, our web design company ensures that illustrations can be uploaded in the best quality possible.

4. Interactive design: Website users are often intrigued by interactive websites and such websites have the tendency to attract visitors more frequently and those visitors remain on the site for a longer period of time. This particular design solution includes creative ideas, logo design, web site branding concept, interactive presentations, intros and add-ons (Macromedia Flash) and user interfaces for web-based applications. Creative ideas provide a foundation for interactive websites. Business owners are encouraged to share their ideas with our web design company so that together they can create a state of the art website that is fun for visitors. Logo design and placement is also an important aspect of this design solution. Logos provide visitors with a perception of a company and a way to recognize that company’s products or services. The logo design is also one aspect of the branding concept that our web design company helps businesses to create. Branding is by far one of the most determining factors in whether or not a business will be successful. For this reason, the website design must be carefully orchestrated to ensure that the company’s branding is accurately depicted and incorporated into the site. Providing users with interactive presentations can be a useful way of presenting the services or products being offered. Presentations can also serve the purpose of answering frequently asked questions and providing detailed information about the company. Intros and add-ons have become popular ways of welcoming visitors to websites. Intros and add-ons utilizing macromedia flash is sure to capture the attention of visitors and make them more likely to further investigate the site. Finally, our web design company is committed to using user interfaces for web-based applications. Such interfaces are ideal because they allow users a full range of options and simplify the user experience.

5. Development: During the developmental phase of the website design process, our web design company will concentrate on content management systems (CMS), Customer relationship management (CRM), Business to business (B2B) & Business to consumer (B2C) e-commerce solutions, Web-based applications and modules, database design and programming, integration with on-site databases and Legacy systems redesign. Content management systems involve ensuring that content is up-to-date and accurate at all times. The design process is also concerned with Customer relationship management which plays a critical role in ensuring that the customers served by the business, can develop a trust built on excellent customer service and great communication. B2B and B2C ecommerce solutions are also offered so that transactions can occur quickly and efficiently. Web based applications and modules simply refer to software applications containing codes that are browser-supported programming languages like Java. These applications cannot be executed unless a web browser is present. These applications and modules must be appropriately implemented into the design of a website. Many websites use databases to keep track of customer information such as purchase history. These databases must be properly maintained and secured because they often hold sensitive information. Legacy systems are basically systems that are now outdated and do not have the ability to perform well in the current internet environment. The web team will redesign legacy systems so that they are compatible with the current systems.

6. Maintenance: The final solution in website design is maintenance. Our web design company confers with clients about marketing of the site, technical issues association with the site, content development (content writing, images), content revision management, statistical analysis of users and Data recovery. Marketing and technical consultations are essential because they allow the web design team and the clients to reexamine what is desired in a site and whether or not that vision has been executed. Content development also continues to be a major solution during the maintenance phase. The proper content development ensures that the website is maintained in a way that visitors are presented with new content and images on a fairly consistent basis. Content updates are essential to the effective management of a website. Websites must be updated to reflect changes in prices or the products and services that are offered.

Web Design New York also understands that businesses range in size and as such the company has created several different packages designed to meet the needs and budgets of different types of businesses. The packages are inclusive of the following three options:

1. Information Site: This type of site offers visitors information about the company and the products and services it offers. Features of the information site include a maximum of 10 professionally designed web pages, hosting, domain name registration, registration on the most popular search engines and as many as 10 email accounts. An information site costs $100/month and requires a one- time setup fee of $500.

2. Online Store Website: For businesses that want the ability to take orders over the internet, this is an excellent option. Features of the online store website include tax calculations, shopping cart, the ability to add/modify products, order confirmation and free email interface. This option costs $150/month and includes a $500 setup fee.

3. Information Site and Basic SEO: The final option for website design is an information site with basic SEO included. This option includes 10 professionally designed web pages, a total of 10 natural search results on Google which will appear on the first of the site, information data related to search engine ranking of the site and an examination of keywords. This option costs $250/month and includes a setup fee of $700.


Once the website has been designed, Web Design New York provides clients with exceptional web hosting options. Having the proper web hosting guarantees that a website will have the ability to function properly and those users will have the ability to access all of the functions that a website has to offer. Our web design company offers three hosting options including the following:

Shared Unsupported Hosting: Includes 5GB of disk space, 250 bandwidth, domain registration, Website Statistics, MySQL Database, web hosting control panel and 10 email accounts. This particular hosting option costs $10/month for 12 months. Add on options include SSL $48/month for 12 months and IP $96/month for 12 months.

Shared Supported Hosting: Includes Technical support, 5GB of disk space, 250 bandwidth, Website Statistics, web hosting control panel and a File & FTP Manager. This particular hosting option costs $20/month for 12 months. Add on options include SSL $48/month for 12 months and IP $96/month for 12 months.

Dedicated Unsupported Hosting: The final hosting option includes complete control, 12 IP addresses, free semi-managed, Intel Dual Code G6950,2 GB DDR RAM, 250 GB SATA II Hard Drive, 8000 GB Transfer and modern data center. The Dedicated Unsupported Hosting option costs $329/month for six months. The SSL and IP options are free for 6 months.

Each of these packages offers unique chances for businesses to excel on the internet. Regardless of budget there is a package to fit all needs. Also keep in mind that each of these packages can be customized to meet the needs of clients and consumers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In recent years SEO has determined the success or failure of a business. This is particularly true of businesses that are completely internet based. SEO involves how high a website is ranked when a web search is conducted. Poor SEO means that the website is ranked poorly. On the other hand, businesses that have excellent SEO will be ranked highly in search engines. The position of a company in a search engine is important because conducting a successful website is primarily based on the ability of the company to drive traffic to its website. Businesses with high ranks are more likely to attract traffic. As such these companies are also more likely to excel than lower ranked companies.

In recent months SEO requirements have changed a great deal and now require more expertise than previous SEO standards. The changes in SEO standards mean that in order to rank high in search engine results companies must have well written websites that clearly define the product or service that is offered.

With these new standards in place, Web Design New York has developed strategies that are designed to attract traffic to websites. One such strategy is to concentrate on organic searches. The company explains that focusing on organic searches is a more advantageous way of conducting SEO because internet users are more likely to click on the first organic search results that they see as opposed to clicking on the paid search ads that appear before the organic search results. Web Design New York maintains that web surfers are less trusting of the paid ads and as such they choose to click on the organic ads. For this reason, as part of the company’s SEO package organic searches are emphasized and implemented into the SEO strategy.

Because Web Design New York understands SEO, they are aware that companies should concentrate on attracting customers via Google search. Since Google is the most popular of all search engines our web design company concentrates on using SEO to generate high search ranking for Google’s search engine. In employing this strategy businesses are sure to experience increases in traffic and the amount of good and services sold.

The company offers three primary SEO packages. These packages include the following:

1. Basic SEO: Companies that choose this options will enjoy several features including a total of 10 natural search listings on which will appear in the top ten results, , Search engine submission, Keyword scrutiny Inbound link building, the fine-tuning of Meta tags, access to software that traces traffic and findings about the site as it pertains to search engine rankings. Basic SEO costs $199/month and has a $750 setup fee.

2. Advanced SEO: The advance SEO package includes such features as top ten listings of natural search on Google, the examination of the use of keywords, the submission of the site to search engines, inbound link building, fine-tuning meta tags, access to traffic tracing software, data that explain search engine rankings, keywords chosen with assistance of a consultant, Site page optimization, Images and link optimization and Link building report. The costs associated with the Advanced SEO package is $549/month with a setup fee of $999.

3. Custom SEO and SEM Package Setup: The customized package has a monthly fee of $999 and the setup fee is negotiable. The fee includes the following features a uniquely designed number of listings of natural search on, advanced keyword examination, improved search engine submission, inbound link building, revision of meta tags, access to software that shows where website traffic is coming from, rankings that appear on search engines, Website and FTP admission and custom number of listings for keywords that appear regularly.

Overall each of these packages is designed to meet the needs of businesses that want to drive traffic to their sites through SEO. The careful creation of proper SEO is a critical component in being a recognized business on the internet. When SEO is handled incorrectly, finding a website can be more difficult than finding a needle in a haystack. With this understood, the web team at Web Design New York is trained to create SEO that makes websites more visible to users.

Social Media

The use of social media has transformed the way businesses advertise and draw traffic to websites. The unprecedented growth of social media outlets and the inexpensive mode of marketing provided by social media, means that it cannot be ignored as an aspect of any business strategy. Social media’s influence on users and the manner in which they communicate must be integrated into the website design. In fact of Forbes Magazine explains

“The perception of social media marketing has shifted quickly—no longer viewed as a trendy or passing fad, having a flexible and well-managed presence in each of the “big three” (Facebook, Twitter, and Google+) has become a must for any business seeking to secure a place in both the traditional and digital marketplace. What could once be accomplished by a traditional website now needs to be supplemented by a robust and responsive utilization of the tools social media offers.”

To fully exploit the range of social media available to companies, Web Design New York offers clients services designed to expand their reach, generate leads and present offers all through social media. Our web design company is committed to ensuring that businesses have a presence on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Both of these sites offer free opportunities to advertise and Facebook also offers paid advertisements for businesses. The popularity of social media is something that cannot be ignored by businesses because social media sites are where consumers congregate to communicate with friends and family. It is in the middle of this communication that Web Designer New York has created strategies that will allow businesses to effectively advertise its products and services.


Many businesses have benefited greatly from the services provided by Web Design New York. For instance, Mark Baker of writes “I am on the first page ranked at number 4 today when you type in only “Event lighting” without any extension. I was on the 8th page yesterday. WOW !!! What a jump… You guys are great….”

Other customers also praise the work of our web design company. In fact Adam Grossman of, and writes “Thanks to their expert web development I was able to design not one but three web sites that all generate a positive cash flow.”

Finally, Pierre DMeza of declares,“I love my new website and have referred a number of my colleagues … The work was professional and response to my questions were quick. I would definitely work with them again.”

Final Thoughts

Web Design New York is an all-inclusive company developed to create websites that are both functional and user friendly. Our web design company is dedicated to offering clients superb service at an affordable price. The company understands various market trends and the need that businesses have to capitalize on these trends. We carefully analyze the tools that companies need to have in place to drive traffic to their sites. As such SEO development and management is at the forefront of what we offer our clients.